Audio Content Owners

Otherlap is a revolutionary cloud based platform for

  • Individual Composers
  • Music Labels
  • Audiobook creators
  • Audio Content Owners

If you have audio or music content under your ownership you can create your Otherlap Channel which may include your entire collection. You can then charge your fans a daily, monthly or yearly fee for access to your entire content.


Subscription Tool


Your music label has released 15 Full Albums. You can create your Otherlap Channel with all your CDs in full quality format and charge 

  1. Price for 1-Day Access
  2. Price for Monthly Access
  3. Price for Yearly Access
  4. Price for Certain Amount of Days (eg 15 Days Access)

Use of Otherlap Tickets

Otherlap Channel Owner can create Ticket Codes and distribute those Access Ticket Codes through any process (along with a CD, or at their live shows). Fans having the Tickes, can access the Channel wihtout paying the subscription.

Ticket can be 

  • Generic and available for a predefined number of people (example for 50 fans)
  • Personal (available for one use)

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