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Play from Android & iOS with or without internet

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Just login to with your accounty and stream music to your store.You need internet connection and a computer connected to the Audio System
Download our Free Apps for Android, iPod, iPad, iPhone. Login with your account and stream or download instore music to your device. Play without connection.
Purchase our Otherlap Tablet for 150€ + VAT.You will receive a brand New Android device, with Otherlap pre installed and all music downloaded.



Royalty Free Background Music for Stores and Retail Outlets. Copyright Free Instore Music! 

All subscriptions come with PDF license to show to any Collection Agency. All music is 100% Copyright Free. Otherlap Instore Channel pays 50% of royalties to artists.

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Channel Options (Upgrade / Cancel anytime)

Access for unlimited time - Offline access for mobile devices ON. 100.00 € per 365 days
Access for 1 days - Offline access for mobile devices OFF. Free
(no charge)